How different is Telesol fibre from other internet service providers?

Telesol owns and manages its infrastructure internally; hence, our pricing, support services, and product designs do not depend on third-party influences. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to help with any problems. Plus, our prices are competitive, giving you great value for your money

How can I check if your internet service is available in my area?

  1. Fill the form in THIS LINK and submit.
  2. Click on the link HERE and chat with our customer support agent.
  3. Telesol technical team will verify and confirm internet service availability in your area and send feedback in the email you provided in the form.

Can l use other devices on Telesol's network?

 No. We, however, have specific routers we use during the installation and configuration of the fiber connectivity to your premises. 
All other devices in your home, including extenders, can connect to the Telesol device wirelessly or via cable.

What happens if my device is damaged or stolen?

Telesol offers a warranty for (2) Two months on the router. After this period, the customer will bear the cost of any damage or replacement

What kind of devices will Telesol be selling?

Telesol will sell Wi-Fi routers, which could be a replacement or an additional extender for wider coverage and usage purposes.

Why do l need to provide my alternative number or email when signing up for your service?

Whenever we need to contact you, our valued customer, regarding any activities related to your service, we will use your main number. An alternative number or email will also be useful if we are unable to reach you on the main number.

What do i need to get a Telesol fibre account

To get a Telesol account, you will need;

  1. Service availability checks to ensure we have coverage in your area.
  2. You will share your, GPS location, your Name, email address, and mobile phone number.
  3. You will also be required to pay a one-time installation fee of GHC350

How long does the installation of Telesol fibre take to complete?

Installation is completed within 24hrs.

How long does it take to get connected to the network?

The service will be installed within 5 working days once the customer has made a GHC 350 one-time installation charge.

What does your installation pack contain?

After the installation charge of GHC 350 has been made, you will be entitled to an installation pack that comprises a Fiber Optic Network Unit (ONU) (router) and a selected and paid data plan of your choice.

What is Telesol's internet speed?

Telesol internet speed range from 1 to 100 Mbps

Does Telesol offer warranties on devices?

Yes, Telesol offers a warranty for a period of (2) Two months on the router. After this period, the customer will bear the cost of any damage or replacement

What data packages does Telesol have?

Cost Data Bundle Validity
Ghc 94 35 GB 60 days
Ghc 224.16 100 GB 60 days
Ghc 292.08 200 GB 60 days
Ghc 414.35 400 GB 60 days


Do you have unlimited data packages?

No, Telesol does not offer unlimited data packages currently.

Can I change my package anytime?

Yes, you can purchase an additional package anytime, however, the current package usage will supersede the previous package purchased.

How do I top-up my account.

Here’s how you can easily purchase or buy data on your bundle through our self-service portal:

STEP 1 – Login: visit our portal (Click Here) and use your registered email as the username and phone number as the password.

STEP 2 – Choose DATA: On the dashboard, select ‘DATA.’

STEP 3 – Pick a Package: Select the data package you want.

STEP 4 – Make Payment: Click ‘Pay’ to go to the payment page.

STEP 5 – Select Payment Method: Choose MTN, Telecel (Voda), or AirtelTigo.

STEP 6 – Verify Payment: Dial *725*1000# from your phone to verify.

STEP 7 – Confirm Payment: Follow instructions to approve payment

What payment options does Telesol accept?

    • MTN Mobile Money wallet number: +233 24 331 9791 – Telesol Ghana Limited
    • Cash or Check Deposit (available upon request)Telesol allows you to pay directly on our website and USSD.

Does your data package expire?

Yes, our data packages have a 60-day validity period. But we do have a rollover feature that allows you to carry on your previous months data to the next month.

It is recommended to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, and the speed will remain fast.