What is Wave?

Telesol Wave is a service with various packages designed to suit the young lifestyle. Whether you are a student, social media enthusiast or one in love with internet/technology; daily, weekly, monthly and research packages have been designed to suit your needs.

Reliable 4G

We are the most reliable 4G network in Ghana. We are a 100% 4G Network service in Ghana.

Affordable 4G

Wave is the most affordable 4G product in Ghana for the youth. It has amazing competitive pricing.

Wide Coverage

We are wholly Ghanaian owned with the widest 4G coverage with the best experience.

Browse our packages for both  DATA and Devices  to get more info about cool packages for your enjoyment.

Best Online Campus Community

Join Ghana’s fastest growing 4G Internet Service Provider, Telesol 4G. With speed faster than light, you are promised of fast, reliable and easily accessible 4G internet. Whether you are a casual surfer searching for the latest news information, music head, social media junkie, ardent gamer or heavy data consumer for business, there's an Internet package perfectly designed for you. Hop on the Wave, surf with us. Choose Telesol 4G!


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